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Robotics and More Cool Stuff

We can show you how to build robots, create interactive art.

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We love electronics, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Our workshops will enable you to design and develop some very cool stuff.

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We are programmers and creative coders. Our activities and workshops cover all age ranges and abilities.

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09 May


The weekend has arrived and the spark box team have put the finishing touches to our exhibition.

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14 May

Onwards and Forwards

Wow! What a weekend. Over 650 people attended our exhibition. Now busy with designing our new website..

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@BristolAirport Thank you - just to clarify, are you saying the bus could be late or are they running ad hoc?

@BristolAirport Hi - how can we find out the rescheduled times for the Weston A3 Flyer please? Departing Weston Sunday 4th 14.05.